Well, I guess most students will be traumatised by the letter ‘D’, especially when they see it in their results slip (nowadays, it’s the results screen). Moreover, the O levels results will be released this Thursday and I bet any O levels student will be traumatised if they see a "D" on their grades – doesn’t matter what number is after the "D" since there’s only D7 followed by E8.

For me, I am traumatised in another manner and it has nothing to do with exam results. Seriously, if I get a "D", I might as well just jump off some bridge. Let me give you some clues. It’d got something to do with "Big D", "Strong D" and "D-up". If you had been following the Slingers’ games, you’d know what I mean.

Yes, I can’t stand the commentator.

Every time the Slingers had to go on the defence, the commentator will switch to his bassy low voice and say one of the following:

  • Deeeeeeeee-fenceeeeeeee…..
  • Let’s give them a Biggggggg DDDDDDDDDDDDD….
  • Let’s give a Stroooooooooong DDDDDDDDDDDDDD….
  • Let’s D-up!

And if D stands for Defence… then why shouldn’t O stand for Offence?

  • Offfffffff-fenceeeeeeee…..
  • Let’s give them a Biggggggg OOOOOOOOOOOOO….
  • Let’s give a Stroooooooooong OOOOOOOOOOOOOO….
  • Let’s O-up!

Seriously, I think I’m going to be so traumatised by it that I can’t see another "D" for quite a while. However, at least I didn’t have to sit next to him on the way back form the stadium. I wonder if Nadnut feels the same. =P

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