Scandals happen when incomplete information leaks or is misinterpreted by 1 or more receiving party. I nearly became the victim of one such scandal when I mentioned to Ridzuan that I won’t be free on Friday and Saturday as I would be meeting Paddy on Friday and having a dinner appointment on Saturday. Now, for some reasons, Ridzuan thinks that I am paktor’ing Paddy!!! How scandalous can that be?!?! That was of course before he realised that I was supposed to collect my iPod classic that I won (thanks to all my readers and supporters!). So here’s the transcript of how it went:

Ridzuan says (3:47 PM):
haha…well it’s either that or you’re becoming some star blogger for blog2u….or you’re paktor-ing him….hahaha
Simply Jean says (3:47 PM):
that’s scandalous!!!
Ridzuan says (3:47 PM):
hahaha yeah!
okok…i shall add to the useless content in the local blogosphere
Ridzuan says (3:48 PM):
make izel jealous
Simply Jean says (3:48 PM):
pls lor
Ridzuan says (3:48 PM):
Ridzuan says (3:55 PM):
oooh! you going to take your ipod ah?

Of course, if it ended just there, then he’d have just created "unless content in the local blogosphere". However, here’s where the other part begins:

Ridzuan says (3:56 PM):
j/k-ing la
was just messing with her…thought she’s building paddy’s new site also
Simply Jean says (3:56 PM):
who are you messing with??
Ridzuan says (3:58 PM):

Yes. The moment of realization that you have replied to the wrong window. I wonder how often that happens. =) And oh… then the tables turn:

Ridzuan says (3:58 PM):
wrong screen!
Ridzuan says (3:59 PM):
oh no
Simply Jean says (3:59 PM):
that’s it
u messing with the wrong person…
Ridzuan says (3:59 PM):
aahhh!! now i’m going to plastered on her blog with a price on my head!
die liao la
Simply Jean says (3:59 PM):
btw… u do know that this will be hitting the big screens… dun u?
Ridzuan says (3:59 PM):
eh don’t like that la… =(

Really… the feeling of seeing people hit realization… is priceless.

Of course, everything else, there’s Mastercard. =)

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