Apparently, this is the second person who conveniently disappeared after deciding that he owed too much debt to the extend that there is no way for him to repay everything. While the first person who tried this conveniently faked tragedy in a canoe accident, the second one just disappeared aboard a ferry with a suicide note in his car. He owed about S$562,000. In all popular Sheylara’s claim of lazy blogger-style blogging, will this happen here?

LONDON – A MAN thought to have died 15 years ago has been discovered alive and well – and claiming British state benefits under a fake name – according to a report.

In details that resemble the circumstances surrounding back-from-the-dead canoeist John Darwin and his wife’s deception – for which they were arrested and charged – The Sun tabloid on Monday claimed Mr Walter Dominy, feared drowned, was living in France and claiming benefits under a former neighbour’s identity.

Darwin and his wife Anne were remanded in custody earlier this month after their story generated worldwide interest since he walked into a London police station on Dec 1 last year, saying he had amnesia and thought he was a missing person.

It later emerged that, having been officially declared dead in 2003, he had been living with his wife in Panama.

Citing Mr Dominy’s daughter, The Sun said the now 71-year-old disappeared aboard a ferry in October 1993 and left a suicide note in his car, after he and his wife owed around 200,000 pounds (S$562,000) to creditors and tax authorities.

Three months later, however, he returned and began a new life with his wife in Northern Ireland where he managed to find work under the last name Kealy, and the pair retired to France about two years ago, the tabloid said.

‘I can’t live with the lies and deceit any more … Us kids were left burning with anger that someone we loved so dearly had so cruelly conned us,’ Mr Dominy’s 41-year-old daughter Lorna told the tabloid. — AFP

Article obtained from on 28th January 2008

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