Apparently, Odex’s quest to get the list from PacNet has hit a snag when the courts threw out their request. The reason was that the ownership of the copyright is not Odex’s and hence they should not have access to the list. On the other hand, the rightful owners of the copyrights may obtained the list should they sue.

My heart goes out to those who paid the settlements earlier on without any avenue to turn to. Wait, does it seem like the other operators just enriched Odex indirectly?

THE High Court on Tuesday dismissed anime distributor Odex’s attempt to obtain the names of PacNet (previously called Pacific Internet) customers who had allegedly downloaded the animated Japanese cartoons. Instead, it ordered the Internet service provider to reveal their identities to six Japanese anime studios.

In a verbal judgement in the High Court, Justice Woo Bih Li said that since Odex could not sue downloaders under Singapore’s Copyright Act, there was no reason it should be allowed to obtain the names of the alleged downloaders.

This is the same reason District Judge Ernest Lau had given for turning down Odex’s request for the names last September.

Odex had appealed the decision, and had subsequently made submissions to add six Japanese anime studios to its case. Justice Woo granted this request.

Since these studios owned the copyright and could sue, they will have access to the downloaders’ names, he said.

Article obtained from on 29th January 2008

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