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Singapore February 1st, 2008

This is a rather short notice, but Jean (which Jean?) of Simply Jean will be on TV! Haha… I am not sure if this is privileged information but yes, Jean will be at Li Ka Shing Library in the morning for the shoot. If you would like to find out more about the topic, it’s accessible here. However, if it is updated or inaccessible for some reason, here’s the synopsis:

Episode 9: Excuse me, are YOU gracious?
Catch it on Thursday – Feb 7, 2008 @ 8:30pm


"You’re not gracious."

“No YOU’re not gracious.”

“No! YOU!”

That seems to be one of our favourite national pastimes – finger pointing. It seems we forget that we ARE society. We take pictures of one another digging our noses in the MRT, kissing on the buses, scolding vulgarities in public; we even go one step further and immortalize these acts in our mobile phones..

But wait. Seriously what does it mean to be gracious?

Minister Mentor Lee says that a gracious society is one ‘where people are considerate to one another, where you don’t make more noise to upset your neighbour than you need to, where you tell the other motorist, please have the right of way’.

Then he throws in the harsh truth, this gracious Singapore society that he described is one he will not see in his lifetime.

Is that true? Are we really a people void of social graces?

This week we speak with 4 youths and find out if our little first world country really has third world manners.

Do the BlogTV at these times:
Thu, 2008 Feb 7, 8.30pm (Live Webcast), 11.30pm 
Mon, 2008 Feb 11, 1.30pm
Tue, 2008 Feb 12, 5.30pm

And oh, I am not sure if it is a closed door or public event… but I think you can try your luck if you are interested, though I don’t think anyone will 😉

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