Hihi! Heh heh… I just finished the shoot at Li Ka Shing Library, SMU, with Channel News Asia (CNA). It was a wonderful time with Phin Wong and Howard Lo and it’s really nice to meet them in person – great personality and wonderful people! Special thanks to Tiffany for inviting me onto the show. =) In the end, there was also another interview… but argh, I mixed up her name with another person, so I won’t write in this post until I get all the names correct. =)

Basically I was there on time… (read: +/- 5 minutes, but usually 5 minutes late) and I guess I was pushing the limit on social graciousness – that they will overlook this and pardon me because they are gracious people =P Pushing my limits, ya? =P

So yes, I was late for a few minutes and was quickly ushered to get my make up done. Heh heh. The lady who did my make up was wonderful and really professional because I thought I looked rather good =) Sorry, a little vain here. Soon after, I met the other youths who were also involved in this shoot – John and Clara from SMU and our own Paddy Tan from Bak2U/Blog2U representing Complaints.Sg.


Shooting in library… some disturbances expected =P Click on to read! πŸ˜‰


Howard getting mic’d up

I didn’t know that Howard was from Microsoft – 10 years, for the record, and that he and Nic – an evangelist from Microsoft, are good friends! Small world indeed πŸ˜‰ He’s really a nice guy, and had been here in Singapore for 5 years.



Phin getting ready for the show

Phin – great personality! He’s a very nice person to talk to, with his fun antics. Comical and great person to have around to spice up the place! πŸ˜‰ And oh, his wallet was left behind after he left the place. πŸ˜‰


The whole set up at the collaborative study area of the library


The make up area where the make up artist lady did a fantastic job! πŸ˜‰


The omniscience Mediacorp Channel News Asia cup for guests


Phin getting mic’d up now


Paddy and Clara =)

Paddy, as we all know, is the person behind the 2Us – Bak2U and Blog2U. He did his degree when he was serving his NS and by the time he finished his NS, he had a double degree! Got a great job and flew all over the world before being headhunted for another job and finally settling down with his current business.

Clara is a 3rd year student from SMU majoring in Accountancy and is heading the SMU Eurhythmix as its President. She’s second generation Singaporean and a great person to talk to (until she shot me down on one of my views =P, kidding).

There’s John too, but for some reason, I didn’t get his picture. He’s also a student from SMU, and like Clara, was volunteered by their professors when Tiffany was looking for people to invite to the show. πŸ˜‰

… and Jean! *tada*! Co-author and spokesperson of Simply Jean, student, educator, model, service ambassador, life scientist and geek hoping to get into medical school some time soon after she finishes her MCAT. Duke-NUS, here she comes!

So, yes, tune in to us, 7th February 2008, Thursday at 8:30pm, Channel News Asia!

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