Sometimes, I wonder if the ERP UI was a necessity, given that we can “tag” cars and deduct the fees owed via Giro at the end of the month? Of course, someone mentioned that the ERP IU was created so that there would be some use for the Cashcard – in a time when people started questioning the use of it. Now that we have EZ-link, people started wondering if the Cashcard was indeed a redundant thing of the past.

Given the impending implementation of GPS-based ERP, one can’t help but wonder if the LTA will come up with a device that does not require the physical insertion of a cash-valued card but instead bill the owner for the fees owed at the end of the month. As for foreign vehicles who come into Singapore, they can always rent a unit and leave their credit card number or some form of deposit when the take it.

 Then again, I may not be seeing the big picture. Hmm…

THE Chinese New Year mood dimmed for several Bukit Merah View residents when they discovered that their cars were among 22 vehicles whose windscreens had been smashed early yesterday morning.
A serial screen smasher had apparently used an umbrella-shaped tool to pierce the glass and then reached in, hand in glove, to pull out CashCards from the vehicles.

The rampage had taken place at about 2.15am, said resident Mr Andrew Oh, who had seen the thief from his flat window.

The suspect, who is of medium build and wore a white T-shirt and blue jeans, targeted cars with tell-tale covers on their CashCard devices.

One of the victims was Madam Adeline Lim, who is in her 30s. Her grey Honda was one of 14 cars on the fourth level of Block 126A to be hit by the thief, who struck eight other vehicles parked on the fifth level of the multi-storey carpark.

The thief took Madam Lim’s CashCard, worth about $20, but left parking coupons valued at about $100 behind.

Ms Lim said: ‘I’m really disgusted and flabbergasted. This is Chinese New Year.’

Another victim, engineer Low Chor Liang, who lives next door at Block 126, said that he was saddened by the smash and grab.

‘I have no choice but to get over it,’ said Mr Low, 30.

Mr Oh, who is in his 40s, said that he had heard a noise coming from the carpark at about 2.15am.

He peered out of the window and saw the suspect, carrying a long umbrella-shaped tool, near one of the cars.

‘He appeared to be quite professional, not looking around but just looking at the car only.’

Mr Oh said that he then walked over to investigate, but by the time he had reached the block, there was no sign of the suspect.

‘I was lucky. I would have parked the car on the same level as the others but there was one empty spot left on the third level, which I used that night,’ he said.

The police are investigating and ask anyone with information to contact them on 1800-255-0000, said spokesman Ng Siew Hua.

‘At least 20 owners have confirmed that their CashCards were stolen and police would like to remind owners not to leave their cash cards in the IU while their vehicles are parked,’ she added.

Article obtained from on 9th February 2008

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