Ridz, Tian Hong and myself were talking about boyfriends and girlfriends and Valentine’s Day and all when we suddenly draw the conclusion that there will come a day when everyone will eventually not get attached and the human race might just come to standstill. Sounds exaggerated? Well, not really if there is such a thing as “real love”. =P

One of us, I shall not mention which of the guys, related the following incident:

  • Guy has a crush on a girl. Well, it’s only a crush and nothing happens. It’s when you idolise somebody
  • Then the guy may move on to the “like” stage – when the guy will be attracted to the girl but he is not sure if it’s the kind of “boy-like” feeling. You know? Puppy love?
  • Then the guy moves on to the “love” stage. That’s when the guy is really concerned about the girl and makes sure that she gets the best and is really happy. Now since no guy would ever say that he’s the best for the girl, he’d move into this cyclic thing when he starts thinking that there will be someone else better for her. Eventually, the girl doesn’t get attached if everyone who likes/loves her start thinking the same way.

Going by this logic all the girls who are loved will eventually not be attached and all the guys… will just remain single.

Quite sad to think of things like this when it’s just less than 1 week before Valentine’s Day =P

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