Taxi problem back

Singapore February 20th, 2008

I find this quite strange actually. Just barely 1 month back, everyone was complaining about taxi fare being too expensive and that many are going to swear off taxies altogether. For the first time, many taxis were seen with a green LED on their roof – meaning that the taxis were not hired. Taxi drivers were threatening to return their cabs after Chinese New Year should business remained just as bad.

However, that was last month.

Apparently, the long queues have returned and it’s just as hard to get a cab now as it was before the fare hike. A check at the taxi stand behind Wisma Atria and Ngee Ann City last night showed that people were waiting and obviously frustrated with the disappearance of taxies; and the roads in town were filled with hired taxies. It seems like what my friend said was right – once a taxi rider, always a taxi rider.

Public transport, only if the frequencies are better; and we are not even asking for cleaner buses yet. Singaporeans do have short term memories, where the taxi fare hike is concerned. 🙂

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