What sort of special treatment? NS. National Service. Foreign male who are Singapore Permanent Residents (PR) studying in government schools are expected to serve national service should they decide to stay on in Singapore after completing their secondary/tertiary education at the age of 18-21 years (please correct me if I am wrong). I am not sure what happens if they don’t, but I do understand that taking up citizenship following completion of national service is optional.

I remembered that Indonesia kept discrediting the treaty that was signed between Singapore and Indonesia, which was eventually voided. However, here they are meddling in our affairs and dictating how our country should be run. If Singapore listens to them, doesn’t that mean that Singapore will ultimately listen to everyone else? So… who runs Singapore in the end?

Indonesia has asked Singapore to exempt Indonesian citizens who are permanent residents from performing National Service.

Foreign Minister Hassan Wirajuda said that such an exemption was necessary as Indonesian citizens doing military service in another country risk losing their citizenship.

‘For our citizens, whatever the reason, undertaking foreign military training would mean losing their citizenship under the citizenship law,’ Mr Hassan was quoted as saying by the Republika daily on Friday.

He said that the issue of national service for Indonesian citizens with permanent resident status had been around since the Singapore government started requiring foreign citizens with such status to be enlisted.

‘In our communication with the Singapore government, we have requested that Indonesian citizens, including those with permanent resident status, to be exempted from doing national service,’ he said.

He did not disclose when the Indonesian government had made the request.

He also said the government could only remind Indonesians that under the law, their citizenship could be revoked if they agreed to be enlisted.

Article obtained from straitstimes.com on 22nd February 2008

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