If you are putting up a different identity than who you really are on Facebook, you may be jailed, especially if you call yourself Lee Kuan Yew or derivatives of that name – in the Singapore context, that is.

I remembered that I actually joined Facebook as far back as 2005, when it was still a closed network – and was only open to students with a university account. I signed up for much pestering from a few friends and forgot totally about it. It was only in recent months that the account was "rekindled". However, I realised that not everyone on Facebook is as real as I thought it was, although most people are. Well, I hope it won’t go the way of Friendster.

What’s wrong with Friendster, you might ask? I’m not really sure, but it just feels… passe. =P

A MOROCCAN man earned himself a jail sentence for setting up a Facebook account in the name of Prince Moulay Rachid.

Despite an appeal for clemency, the court slapped Fouada Mortada, 26, with a three- year jail term and 10,000 dirhams (S$1,800) fine for falsifying data and imitating the prince. Mortada said he set up the account out of admiration for the 37-year-old prince.

Article obtained from straitstimes.com on 24th February 2008

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