Hotel 81, Fragrance Hotel, and a whole chain of other smaller hotels lined the roads along Geylang. It’s surprising how one can be so spoilt for choice in this small area. With food stalls just across the roads, anyone from anywhere can just pop by the place after they are done with whatever business. For me, it was just another of those days with urges. I don’t know how or why it comes, but when it does come, it’s hard to stop.

The urge for Soya Beancurd, that is.

So we got Ridz as well and DK drove all of us down Geylang in search of You Tiao Da Wang. However, after making many rounds and making sure that we are along the correct lorongs, we failed to find the store. It was quite strange because as far as anyone could remember, it’s one of those stores with very prominent neon signs that even someone with high astigmatism and myopia will be able to figure out. However, after 2 rounds, we decided to give up.

And off to Princep Street we went.


No You Tiao Da Wang, but You Tian Xiao Di will do just as well, although it’s really a little cold. We got a Tou Hua each as well and a soya bean drink to go along with. Settling a craving at night is heavenly, I tell you.

After supper was done, we proceed to Labrador Park to enjoy the moonlight, watch couples rock their cars while enjoying the sea breeze and joining in the fun with anglers. It was also last night that I realised that there was a carpark up the hill at Labrador Park, where a spa awaits for those who endeavour.

Soon, it was time to go back because of my curfew. I fell asleep in the car and DK drove past a turn. In fact, he went too far off and we had to turn back using the expressway. Oh well, I got back in one piece and you bet that I didn’t dare to fall asleep again. I thought it was quite a nice supper where "buddies" hang out. Guess the next one won’t be till eons later. =P

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