I received a notice of service suspension from PacNet recently citing that I failed to make payment for services rendered. This is totally ridiculous because I made advanced payment in June 2007 to beat the 7% GST that would be chargeable for payments made after that date, and for that matter, I made a year’s advanced payment. How am I sure that I didn’t make a mistake? Well, I got one of their "portable MP3 speakers" for making a year’s advanced payment.

The thing is, I called them up this morning and asked them about the outstanding about of S$29.87. They said that I only made a payment of S$25.00 in June and none of the S$100++ payment that I made was reflected in their system. So the message that was sent to me was that – unless I can prove that I made payment to them, I can go suck thumb.

There are a few things that I was careless about. Firstly, I didn’t check the following month’s bill to make sure that the payment was reflected. This was because I had made advanced payments to PacNet in previous years (I had been with PacNet since it was "TechNet times"). Secondly, I should have kept the receipt. So now, I can only sit back and suck thumb.


I am just amazed that for a company that big (at least somewhat big in the context of Singapore SMEs), something like this can go wrong, and they are asking their customers to bear the brunt of their mistake. Attempts to speak to their manager was futile and the customer service officer was totally not helpful except that "she’d get back to me again". I am so pissed off about the entire incident but I know that there is nothing else I can do. The valuable "@pacific.net.sg" email address was all I needed as it had been with me for the longest time. Even though I have my "free mail" accounts, a "non free mail" account might some times be still useful because registration at some sites do not accept "free mail" accounts.

So now, it seems like my previous payment had been "forfeited" in lieu of my "sucker" loyalty to PacNet and I have no choice but to fork out more money to prevent legal actions being taken against me. Is there anything else I can do?

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