The Traffic Police is considering the ban on new bikers from ferrying pillion riders. This is due to the high numbers of accidents that had occurred recently. The idea was to allow the bikers to get more experience from riding – usually a 1 year period, before allowing them to ferry pillion riders. At the same time, it is not know if new drivers will be banned from ferrying passengers, given the high rate of accidents in recent months, which involved the death of 2 polytechnic students in a car crash, 3 passengers in a separate accident along Dunearn Road and 4 lives in the most accident involving an almost new Mazda MX-8.

Do we see a pattern here?

THE Traffic Police have said they will gauge the feasibility of banning new bikers from carrying pillion riders until they chalk up more riding experience.

Responding to queries from The Straits Times, they did not, however, say when they would decide on this.

Driving schools already teach riders how to ride with passengers, but some bikers have suggested going further, such as banning new riders from taking on pillion riders until they have held their licences for a year.

Mr Tony Yeo, general secretary of the Singapore Motor Cycle Trade Association, said he was ‘all for the idea’.

But he pointed out that this would raise issues, such as whether new car drivers ought to be banned from ferrying passengers too, or whether new bikers should be allowed to install utility boxes on their two-wheelers.


Article obtained from on 26th February 2008

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