With all the voting going on in the US for the nomination of the next Democrat and Republican candidates, one of my friends wondered how the voting is actually carried out for Americans overseas. If there were only that few overseas Americans, then won’t it be easy for anyone to narrow down on who cast which vote?

Of course, there’s the possibility of mixing the votes (and I am talking about paper votes) and trusting that no one else will see it. After all, the Americans are people of integrity and they will not do anything that is against their conscience or constitution.

However, I added that, in Singapore, we have a more effective and efficient way of doing things like this. There may always be the risk of someone peeping into the voting slips and making second guesses, and so we make use of better and more advanced technology.

It’s called Singpass. All you have to do is to log in using your Singpass and cast your vote online. Your vote is secret. No one will be able to find out who you voted, what time you voted and where you voted from.

Right? =)

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