I figured that as a fellow resident in Singapore, I should be concerned with the safety of the people all around us and as much as every blabbers about the government and the efficiency of the total defence forces, I think true total defence can only come about if everyone works hand in hand. Yes, I know this sounds like propaganda, but seriously, the last thing I want to do is to find a JI militant in my gardens, school or lab. So, if it’s anything else, it’s for selfish reasons 😛


Mas Selamat Kastari, aged 45

So, if you have seen this man, or anyone who looks like him *and* walks with a limp (now I am hoping that he wasn’t faking a limp), then you might want to contact your friendly neighbourhood police center, or just blog about it and ping it. It doesn’t matter that they think that he’s in or near Malcolm Park. He has legs and probably can run anywhere.

Now, you won’t want to be in a plane, bus, train or  taxi that is marked by him or his group as a target to terrorize the people in Singapore, do you? So do keep a lookout and help spread the word. In fact, you can just copy everything in this post and put it on your blog so that everyone else can see it.

Safety – it’s in your hands.

Ed: Serious, it’s not propaganda…

Ed: And oh, one more thing, there’s a possibility that he will not look the same as he did in the photo… so, I guess it’s the usual "if you see any suspicious looking person or article, please inform our staff or call 999"

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