The police received a call from a phone booth at Block 10 Haig Road on Thursday evening from a person claiming to be Mas "Limping Terrorist" Selamat. He then proceed to threaten to "attach multiple locations". This prompted police to be quickly deployed to the traced location, potentially ending a 2-day manhunt for the escaped detainee and bringing back peace to the country.

However, this was not to be. The call turned out to be a hoax and the man was arrested. Police investigations are currently underway. The police reminded the public again that they will not hesitate to take serious actions against people committing such act.

For a tensed moment like this, it’s a wonder how someone is "free" enough to get himself into trouble.

POLICE have arrested a 58-year-old man who made a hoax call from a public phone, claiming that he is the escaped Jemaah Islamiyah (JI) detainee Mas Selamat Kastari.

The man, who called from a phone booth at Block 10 Haig Road on Thursday at about 5.10 pm, also threatened to attack multiple locations, said a police statement on Friday.

Police investigations are on-going.

Police also warned the public that that they will not ‘hesitate to take firm action against persons committing such offences.’

A massive land, sea and air search is continuing to hunt down Mas Selamat, 47, leader of the Singapore JI terror network, who fled from Whitley Road Detention Centre on Wednesday afternoon.

Posters of the wanted fugitive – one showing him with a moustache and goatee and the other, clean-shaven – have been put up at many public places and immigration checkpoints to urge people to call 999 immediately if they spot him.

Article obtained from on 29th February 2008

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