If you do not wish to be picked up by the police, then you might want to avoid wearing anything beige or brown – doesn’t matter if it’s top or bottom; after all, a top can become a bottom and a bottom can become a top 😛

At least from a woman’s perspective.

Sometimes, I wonder what’s the point of publishing such information since he’d be changing clothes anyway. Speaking of which, I saw a wan bao article that probably caught the concerns of some heartlanders. It scream: "Be careful, he may steal your car"…

I think that was enough to get people on the lookout. After all, human *are* selfish creatures. =)

ESCAPED terrorist Mas Selamat was last seen wearing greenish grey baju kurong when he bolted from the Whitley Road Detention Centre last Wednesday afternoon, said police on Tuesday.

He could also have worn them over a white round-neck T-shirt and brown long trousers, which are the standard uniform for detainees at the detention centre where he had been held since 2006 under the Internal Security Act. Police said detainees are allowed to wear civilian clothes on family visits day.

Releasing details on what the fugitive was last seen in for the first time since his escape, Police Assistant Commissioner (AC) Wong Hong Kuan told reporters on Tuesday morning that Mas Selamat was wearing the baju kurong – a very loose blouse with just a small neckline, worn over a sarong usually wrapped around the lower part of the body – while he was being taken to meet his family last Wednesday.

While being led to the family visit room, the detainee asked to go to the toilet and fled from there. As the fugitive has been on the run for almost six days, police said he might have discarded the prison garb and baju kurong and changed into something else. The public is asked to look out for these discarded items and report to police.

AC Wong said police believe Mas Selamat is still in the country and urged the public to help look out for him. Police have received more than 600 calls and 170 emails from members of the public in recent days, providing leads for the round-the-clock search by police, military and Special Operations Command forces.

Noting that some of the information provided by the public was two or three days old, AC Wong said anyone with leads or tips-off should call the police immediately and not hold them back. He reiterated that no tip-off was too small for the police to chase up.

Asked if extra reserves will be brought in to track down the escapee, AC Wong said the current search forces are able to cope.

On Tuesday morning, about 100 Gurkhas and security forces were combing through the Bukit Timah nature reserves and the Dairy Farm area. Police also carried out massive searches in the Choa Chu Kang and Woodlands areas overnight till the early hours on Tuesday, after a man was seen running away from the security forces.

The fruitless hunt was called off after about six hours. On-going search will focus on forested areas and residential homes fringing these, as well as vacant buildings.

Article obtained from straitstimes.com on 4th March 2008

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