Seriously, I don’t think he’d be caught anytime soon. In fact, I was watching The Fugitive (previously starred by Yong from NKF and originally starred by Harrison Ford), there were some scenes that resembles what the SPF are going through right now – especially the part where he escaped from an ambulance and just “disappeared” despite the police combing both ends of the tunnel.

Of course, if all goes according to the script, there’s little chance that the SPF will catch him anytime soon and that the only time left to catch him is when he’s come out from hiding and getting himself comfortable. Of course, this means he’d probably have the next plan to bomb up Singapore up and running by then.

Mas is really giving us a lot of problem. First the causeway jams, now the fingerprints. Singapore is beginning to turn into another US in paranoia. However, I don’t deny that it’s a need instead of just pretending that everything is gonna be ok… or everything’s gonna be alright.

ON Day 10 of the hunt for fugitive Mas Selamat Kastari, added security checks have been enforced at all checkpoints – which means showing your passport may no longer be enough.

As found out, officers from the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) at all land, air and sea exit and entry points have also started scanning travellers’ fingerprints.

Whether this is only done randomly or enforced on all travellers is unclear.

Taxi drivers ferrying passengers to Johor, plus some bus and lorry drivers, told that checkpoint authorities started doing this in the last two days.

Taxi driver Tan Ah Tee, 54, who has been ferrying passengers across Woodlands Checkpoints for the last three years, said it is the first time he has encountered such a procedure.

He told that both his passengers and himself have had to provide a fresh fingerprint for each trip he makes out of Singapore.

When asked for comment, ICA said: “Security has been enhanced at all checkpoints. We are unable to give further details due to operational concerns.”

“Further checks will be conducted on travellers, vehicles and baggage where necessary. This includes the scanning of fingerprints.”

With the weekend approaching and the March school holidays starting on Saturday, ICA expects throngs of vehicles to start flocking to Woodlands and Tuas Checkpoints from Friday evening.

They have advised people to plan their trips around peak periods in the morning and evening to avoid the traffic crunch.

Those who have to make the trip during the busy periods are advised to practise lane discipline to ease congestion. Car pooling and taking the public transport are among other recommended ways to beat the jams.

Article obtained from on 7th March 2008

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