Ya… This Jean from SimplyJean missed the LG KS20 launch because this Jean is the only author that Princessa knows. Little did this Jean realise that Princessa can invite other authors of SimplyJean to the event. Duh! Sigh… there’s goes an opportunity.


This Jean google’d for this mysterious LG KS20 and found the official web site for the phone. It’s running on Windows Mobile 6 and has predictive text! This Jean is excited about the predictive text because her current Windows Mobile 5 doesn’t seem to have it. Either that, or O2 made it really difficult to turn it on or to use it. It’s a tri-band phone support the 900/1800/1900 Hz frequencies and has a whooping stand-by time of 280 hours! That’s about 11 to 12 days of stand-by without making phone calls!

So, why would someone want a phone that he or she can’t make phone calls? Well… cos’ this Jean does go overseas but leave her phone on just to receive SMS’es. There are other things like Wifi, Bluetooth, a built-in 2MP camera and a built-in memory of over 50MB. It also supports microSD for external memory. The design looks rather sleek, so the only thing left to complete this review is actually to try it.

Of course, SimplyJean doesn’t have S$888 to splurge on one. *cough*

So until it’s been tried and tested, it remains a mysterious phone to this Jean. Hmm…

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