Just barely a month after a crane crashed down in NUS, another crane crashed in an HDB estate. Yes, it crashed into a HDB walkway, possibly injuring or killing lots of people. Imagine this happening on a Friday morning, when the streets are full of people, or worst – when the elderly bring their grandchildren down for a walk in the early morning, or the maids bringing the dogs down for a morning walk; and the mothers! Mothers who are just back from the market and rushing home to prepare the morning meals… just suddenly losing their lives when some faulty crane crashed onto them.

Luckily that didn’t happen. For some strange reason, the walkway was particularly empty that morning.

Perhaps it’s about them they get to the root of the problem and determine if this incident is somehow related to the one at NUS? Can you imagine one day when all the cranes start toppling? I dread to think about it.

A 70-TONNE crawler crane from a condominium worksite crashed onto a pedestrian walkway along West Coast Drive on Friday morning.

The toppled crane, with a 27.4 metre boom, smashed through a hoarding and took down a big chunk of the tiled covered walkway when it came crashing down at about 10.20 am.

Luckily, no one was walking near the area. Next to the walkway are several blocks of Housing Board flats.

The crane was operating on the site where the Parc Condominium is being built.

The Ministry of Manpower said it had stopped work for cranes that were managed by the piling constractor on the site, pending investigation.

This incident came just three weeks after a toppled hammer head crane killed three workers at a National University of Singapore worksite.

The ministry has since stepped up checks on construction site and produced a technical advisory on the safe use of such lifting equipment.

Stomper Choo Jen-Sin who took this picture and sent it to Stomp, said: ‘I can’t imagine what will happen if the crane had crashed into the walkway with people around the area.’

Article obtained from straitstimes.com on 16th March 2008

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