No, it’s not your regular bus cheaters who tap their EZ-link cards way before they alight. It’s not those who try to pretend that they have tapped (personally, I have seen a bus captain asking an ACS boy in Mandarin to tap his card; the boy looked blur as sotong – sorry, I digress). In fact, it’s not even Singapore that I am talking about, but our friendly neighbour – Malaysia.

You see, a friend of mine got cheated of his bus ticket and was led to this crappy bus that isn’t what he paid for for his journey back to Singapore from Kuala Lumpur.

The modus operandi is simple. The cheat goes up to the unsuspecting victim, pretends to check their tickets, holds on to their tickets while leading them to some cheapo bus, pays the bus driver and goes off with the bus tickets. The unsuspecting victim will think that the cheapo bus – unlike whatever they thought they paid for – is the bus for their trip home. Meanwhile, the cheat touts the tickets to unsuspecting buyers.

Repeat cycle for as long as they want on the same ticket.

Unfortunately for my friend and his buddy, the latter gave chase and was thrown onto the ground. All effort to stop the cheat failed and he ran away. The buddy is now in hospital while my friend… is thankfully attending his meeting.

Malaysia boleh! BN boleh! Everything boleh!

Ed: I thought I read a Straits Times article on something similar except that there was no mention that it was a bus ticket cheat. I can’t seem to find that article any more. If you happen to have read it or remembered where it was, do leave me a comment here. Thanks!!!

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