Simply Jean had been running for about a year and 3 months. A blog that was initially started so that friends would be able to blog anonymously under a single moniker grew to be a blog commenting on almost everything, particularly Singapore social issues. Some have thought Simply Jean to be a political blog, but that’s… a little far from the truth. The fact is, Simply Jean is as political as the man on the street – which is quite apolitical if you ask me. Besides the usual ramblings, Simply Jean serves no more than just the daily news and discourse. Amongst the most popular topics are ERP hikes, petrol hikes, taxi fare hikes, Mas Selamat, the Li Hongyi episode and the Pedra Branca fiasco.

However, here’s where the problem lies. These daily news and discourse are usually available here, here and here; or if you have a deeper pocket, here too and we are thinking if Simply Jean is still serving any purpose at this moment. While it is common for other personal blogs to post pictures of their authors, it’s a little different here. Simply Jean wasn’t meant to be a personal blog.

In terms of "political comments", Simply Jean is lacking in many areas. In terms of the daily discourse, it’s almost what everyone else on the streets is saying. In a nutshell, Simply Jean is beginning to be of little substance. As one reader puts it:

Author: unknown

Comment: your blog is getting more and more boring…. zzz

Thus with a heavy heart, Simply Jean will breathe her last breath on 15th April 2008, yes, that’s the day when the last post will be published and Simply Jean will be history thereafter. To make it easier to remember, it’s also the last day that you guys should be filing your income tax. =)

So hurry now and unsubscribe Simply Jean from your RSS feed reader. The last thing you want is a dead feed.

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