Today’s the Yebber 1st Anniversary Party which was held at Mint Museum at 26 Seah Street, located just across the road from Raffles Hotel. There are 5 storeys and a roof top at the Mint Museum, which hosts a collection of old toys and games from way back. At the basement is the restaurant while the 2nd floor hosts the collectibles.

When I arrived at the party, the Yebber team were still preparing their stuffs and there was nothing I could do except to take photos! Haha… enjoy the photos! There will be more later =)


If you couldn’t find the place, you couldn’t possibly miss the Yebber sign! Thanks Yebber for making my life much more easier! =)


The Yebber Ambassadors @ Work to prepapre for the arrival of guests


And in the background is a projector rotating the photos from past Yebber outings. Did you see yourself there?

DSC03961 DSC03962 DSC03960

The Yebber counter and the program sheet for the evening. Did you drop your name card for the lucky draw? I hope you won something 😉


I didn’t know that the mint museum is an official place! Apparently it’s officially opened by Mr George Yeo, the then Foreign Affairs Minister

DSC03963 DSC03965

If you look down once you are inside, you’d see the restaurant; else you can just make your way to the lift inside. So cool right? =)


And while you are inside, do observe the no outside food, no pets, no smoking and no photography rules. Oops! NO PHOTOGRAPHY?! Yikes! No wonder they had been staring at me!

DSC03943 DSC03942

There’s even a mint shop that you can get some souvenirs from! Too bad, by the time I was back to the counter, it was closed. =( There was also a shelve of stuffs (I didn’t catch what it was) but again, by the time I returned, the shelf was cleared. =( Sigh.


Feeling lost at where to go? No worries! There’s even a directory with HUGE FONTS! For the Yebber’s Party, we are heading to the 3rd floor! Yeah! Childhood favourites!

DSC03912 DSC03940 DSC03928

At the 3rd floor, you’d be welcomed by exhibits of soft toys and games from the early 1900s. Wow! It was really relic! I won’t have known any of these existed! It was on display at the door as well as the back of the room, where our food was. Argh… the food made my stomach growl…


Took a nice photo at the party? Don’t worry, there’s a Canon Selphy which was brought by the team for you to print out that Kodak or Canon moment. So  thoughtful right? Too bad it doesn’t take in MS Duo Pro. If you have a Sony camera, you are "in luck". =P

DSC03929 DSC03934 

At the back of the room is where the speeches and prizes are going to be. Hey, what are the guys looking at?!


The floor is made of glass!!! If you are wearing a skirt (for the girls… if you are a guy and you wear a skirt… you may also want to observe this too), then here’s where you will not want to go to. People from downstairs can see what you are wearing underneath!

DSC03918 DSC03924 DSC03922 DSC03920 

We were supposed to take a look at the roof top. However, the staff realised that the door was locked and we were all trapped at the lift landing! It was so stuffy! However, when he finally got his key, we were introduced to a nice area for roof top parties and dining! And oh, we even got to "look down" at the "rich" at Raffles Hotel which was just across the road. =)

It was a nice short tour of the place. The rest of the building was left for us to explore on our own. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to go to the second floor, where the collectibles are. Shucks! I’ll be back soon! =)


And our first guests of the day! Sabrina and teddy bear! Heh heh… stay tuned for more photos in Part 2! =)

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