Simply Jean was there when they were testing out the F1 car. I have only one word to describe it. Noisy! If I have to use 2 words to describe it… it’d be…

Damn noisy!

Even from Stamford Road, the screech of the car could be heard loud and clear. For those who are going for the F1 race for the first time (there’s always the Sepang alternative), my advice is to go prepared with ear plugs, and get your noisy drumming neighour boy to test it out for you when him playing his drums for some rock song.

TWO-TIME Formula One champion Mika Hakkinen says the first night race on Singapore’s street circuit will pose unique challenges to drivers but that safety concerns can be allayed by organisation and preparation.

Singapore Auto Racing F1 GP

The Finn said on Sunday that testing would be expensive and ‘difficult to organise’ but that question marks over the inaugural night race would be removed as long as the city-state had sufficient preparations.

‘If the lighting system and all the organisation here in Singapore is at a top, top level …. I don’t think testing is necessary,’ Hakkinen told reporters.

Hakkinen, who won the championship in 1998 and 1999 with McLaren, said that driving at night posed physical challenges to drivers.

‘When driving at night your body is in night mode, so all your reactions are not as sharp as in the daytime, because your body should be sleeping,’ he added.

Singapore will host its first Formula One grand prix on Sept 28 but some drivers have voiced concerns about the race on an untested street track at night.

Hakkinen said rule changes this season, including the removal of driver aids such as traction control, had made racing more demanding.

‘For the driver, continuous wheelspin would definitely be bringing more out of drivers’ skills,’ Hakkinen said.

He said there were several contenders who could win the championship this season but hoped that Lewis Hamilton’s McLaren team would emerge victorious. — REUTERS

Article obtained from on 30th March 2008

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