It’s the end of the financial year (yes, Simply Jean does have a financial year) and there’s going to be some changes in which the blog will be run. Starting from today tomorrow, only the latest entry will be available via browser. This is because of a Loof Virus that’s spreading around on the host server that is currently still attacking all the WordPress blogs. This is the same virus/code that brought down various blogs in recent weeks, including Kevin’s. While the administrators are working on it, all users will only get to see the first post via an internet web browser. The alternative is for readers of Simply Jean to subscribe to the feed.

However, the authors at Simply Jean are perplexed at what the feed url is. However, we suspect it’s something along the lines of feed://http//, but seriously, we don’t use feed readers ourselves, so we are not too sure. Any help from any kind souls will be much appreciated.

At the same time, the familiar face that the blogosphere has seen – who was the "official spokesperson" for Simply Jean may also change. Jean (the current spokesperson) will be stepping down with effect from 15th April 2008. The blog will be undergoing a revamp soon to reflect the new dynamics that an almost new panel of authors will present. Some of these new and exciting features are described below.

As the cost of operation is rising (we just received an email stating that we have to upgrade our service plan), we are considering opening to any opportunities of advertising with us. While Simply Jean’s Alexa rating is only in the range of 220,000 to 230,000 (although usually nearer to 220,000), we also boast a Page Rank of 4/10 which rose steadily since the inception of Simply Jean last year. As of the new financial year, Simply Jean will be registered as a business entity. We hope that through various innovative ideas, we hope to generate revenue that could be returned to the readers or people.

For a start, we may consider a subscription plan that another popular aggregator also considered last year. However, instead of using that revenue for our operating costs, we hope to collect enough per year to return it back to people who need the money. We feel that this is an innovative idea that no other blogs or aggregator has tried. The actual cost of the subscription is still under discussion, but we will make it affordable to everyone.

We also realised that the recent flood of advertisements from our advertisers have slowed the loading of the first page somehow. While this is also temporarily solved by the first-post only solution as described above, we at Simply Jean believe in providing some form of premium service to our readers. In addition to our subscription plan that we will be introducing, readers may also opt for a speed-on-demand feature that allows them to download our pages at a faster speed. For as low as $5, our users can opt for faster loading during peak hours at 8:00am to 11:00am, and 5:30pm to 10:00pm. These hours will be revised every 3 months as we monitor our web statistics. More details will be available at a later time.

As for the closing of Simply Jean, this is still being discussed. If the business plan pulls through (amongst other plans that cannot be described yet due to our non disclosure agreement with our VCs), Simply Jean may be maintained by a totally new panel of authors, as mentioned above. We understand that there may be some apprehension about the subscription plans and the speed-on-demand feature. Thus, should any reader require any subsidy, we may provide as much as $2.90 per month.

Meanwhile, we welcome any flaming feedback from any of our readers. As you can see, we are still as humourous as ever and we believe that this will keep our blog alive and commercially viable. We look forward to a good year ahead and a strong mandate from you, our reader.

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