Blog2U relaunched their new website today. As such, it is important for all current Blog2U registered members to re-register again! Apparently, it’s now much easier to have ads on your blog… or at least they’ll make tracking your ads much more easier. Does that mean the end of cut-and-paste ad scripts? Well, I am not really sure, but here’s the email I got from Shirley:

Hi Everyone

Good news! We have launched our new website at 

What’s new??

Auto displaying and removing of banners on blogs.

Tracking script for collecting blog data.

Auto accept ads function.

View Ads history.

Payment via Paypal.

What’s not new?

Prompt payment after posting of ads. (We know you love this feature)

Friendly service.

As this is a new system, we need all bloggers to re-register with us. 

How to register?

1) Register here as a blogger.

2) Go to Manage Blog.

3) Add your blog url.

4) Copy and paste the following script on your blog.

               <script src="" /></script>

(This tracking script will also be use to display your banner advertisement. Please put it at a prominent position)

If you encounter any problems, feel free to contact us here.

First 50 bloggers who register with us will get a free 1 year subscription of GadgetTrak for Windows (Worth S$59.90)!!!

See you at our new website!!!


Shirley Soh

BLOG2u Pte Ltd

Bridging New Media


Have you got your email yet? No? It doesn’t matter. Just visit their registration page now to be one of the first 50 to re-register to get for yourself a 1 year free subscription of GadgetTrak for Windows worth S$59.00!!!

I hope I’ll get mine. =P

Ed: This is not an advertorial but a public announcement service for all current Blog2U members to re-register their blogs. Hurry! =P

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