I am now suffering from "Whose ping is it anyway?" withdrawal syndrome. Every time I look at a post now, I can’t help but read the title and abstract and guessing who the author is. If only every post is now a "Whose ping is it anyway?" question.


Whenever I look at Chinese posts, I start wondering if it’s Stuart’s or Andrew’s or CowboyCaleb’s (which usually do not require much guessing). Sometimes, I’d look at my own ping and wonder whose it is. Hmm… Suddenly, CowboyCaleb became everybody’s best friend, so did Chioves (I’m sure spelling is wrong, someone please correct me), Sheylara (and Goonfather), lancerlord, jialat, estee, and paddytan. =P I’m sure the list goes on and on.

I was mentioning to Ridz, that it’s really sad if there is really a log for the game and you find out that whenever there is a pr0n post, the most frequent answer is your blog’s. Conversely speaking, this is a good litmus test of what your readers relate your blog as – political, satirical or just simply out of the world.

Meanwhile, I am having trouble not searching for the 4 options and clicking on the button. Wait, there’s no button… Urgh!

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