Firstly, I couldn’t talk much, arrived late, and was tucked to one quiet corner. Then again, I has always been under the radar, haven’t I? Anyway, I only joined the dessert portion of the Indian Food gathering today. However, instead of having dessert at Plaza Singapura as planned, it was at Dome at Park Mall.

I got to meet a few people at the gathering… including Brokenshadz and Champagne. It was quite a casual gathering and when I was just about to take photos… I realised that I forgot to put batteries inside my camera! How dumb can I get?

And oh, Priss thought I was just playing around when I started writing all my replies on the whiteboard. Apparently, she didn’t realise that I was mute. Hehe… no worries, I’ll be ok. =) Soon. Rinaz joined my club because she apparently had a sore throat as well – something that she caught on Monday or Tuesday. Well, at least she can still talk… still not too bad. =)

I order a Strawberry Smoothie – which turned out to be a Strawberry Milkshake! Oh man… don’t those people know the difference between a milkshake and a smoothie??? Moreover, I’m lactose intolerant… let’s see how many times I have to make my way to the toilet soon. =( Priss’ tea didn’t come eventually. So much for service. Thankfully, Claudia’s Yebber wasn’t there else they’d get really bad rating.

Amidst all the chatting (which I wasn’t really part of), Daphne got a call relating to something about her credit card. I didn’t know what happened after that but the next thing I knew was that Daphne said she had something on and left.

Hmm… very awkward leh… Did I miss something?

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