While the Singapore government embraces Electronic Road Pricing (ERP), New York – one of the world’s busiest city decides to trash it. New Yorkers unanimously decided against setting up road pricing schemes in New York because they felt that doing so will be biased against people living out of the city central. In addition, they felt that the Metro (train system) is underfunded and will not be able to handle the extra load that is expected when people switch from private transport to public means.

This is despite Manhattan being a fraction the size of Singapore (I would think so, as far as I can remember) and their Metro having different ways and means to cope with morning traffic (express trains that stops only at designated "busy" stations – something that I think Singaporeans will frown upon but swallow it like Panadol if it is really implemented). Eventually, the plan was ditched because it would have "unfairly targeted commuters and their constituents". In fact, the pricing scheme is even thought to be flawed!

And here in Singapore, there’s no talk of unfair targeting and there is no talk of democratic senseless objections. Hmm… but in Singapore, things are different. The MRT is heavily funded by raising fare hikes! That’s where the difference lie.

싱가포르 정부의 포위하는 동안에는 전자 도로 요금 (ERP), 뉴욕 – 세계에서 가장 바쁜 도시 중 하나를 휴지통 그것을 결정합니다. 뉴요커 만장일치로 결정했다 뉴욕에 대한 설정하는 도로 요금 체계 이렇게 왜냐하면 그들은 편견을 느낀 사람이 살고있는 도시 밖으로 중앙합니다. 또한, 그들은 자신이 지하철 (전철 시스템)이 부족하고 여분의 부하를 처리할 수 없을 것으로 예상되는 사람들이 전환할 경우 민간 수송 수단을 공개합니다.

이것은 맨해튼이라는에도 불구하고 분수의 크기를 싱가포르 (나는, 그렇게 생각됩니다 내가 기억할 수있는만큼) 및 그들의 지하철 보내고 아침에 대처하기 위해 다양한 방법과 수단 트래픽 (특급 열차가 지정된에서만 멈춘다 "없음" 방송국 – 그런 것 같아요 난색 따라 싱가포르는 조영처럼 그러나 그것은 정말 구현된 경우 토쿠하이). 결국은,이 계획이 있기 때문에이 따돌렸다 "부당 타겟 통근과 그들의 지역구"합니다. 사실은, 가격 구성표는가 생각도 결함이!

그리고 여기에 싱가포르,이 없어 불공정 타겟팅과 얘기를 많이 의미가없습니다 민주 토크 반대합니다. 흠 … 그러나 싱가포르, 상황은 다르다. 막대한 자금을 조달하는 정류장까지 거리 MRT 는 요금을 인상! 그것의 차이는 어디 거짓말을합니다.

NY lawmakers ditch plan for congestion pricing in Manhattan

ALBANY – LAWMAKERS rejected a proposal on Monday to charge Manhattan motorists an extra fee to drive in the city, a plan advocates hoped would reduce traffic and curb pollution.

Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver announced the decision after a survey of Democratic Assembly members in a private conference. The decision comes after days of closed-door negotiations, and means the city will forfeit US$354 million (S$488 million) in federal funding for trying to kick-start the plan.

The concept aimed to cut traffic and pollution by forcing more commuters onto mass transit. It would have charged most drivers US$8 to drive below 60th Street between 6 am and 6 pm on Monday through Friday. Truckers would have paid US$21.

The Legislature faced a Monday deadline to act on Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s proposal, which was already endorsed by Democratic Gov.

David Paterson, the Republican-led Senate and the City Council.

‘What we are witnessing today is one of the biggest cop-outs in New York’s history,’ said Bloomberg spokesman John Gallagher. ‘After insisting on the formation of a commission to make recommendations for a bill, and then for the City Council to vote to endorse that bill, the Assembly needs to stand up and be counted.’

There was no immediate comment from Republican Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno or Paterson.

The plan ran into strenuous objections from legislators from outer boroughs and New York City suburbs who said it would unfairly target commuters and their constituents.

‘The conference has decided that they are not prepared to do congestion pricing,’ Mr Silver said. ‘Many members just don’t believe in the concept. Many think this proposal is flawed. It will not be on the floor of the Assembly,’ he said.

Mr Silver said part of the problem with the proposal, which Bloomberg had said could begin next year, is that it doesn’t immediately provide funding to the Metropolitan Transportation Authority. He said the agency that runs the city’s mass transit is already underfunded and needs to be bolstered before it takes on more commuters. — AP

Article obtained from straitstimes.com on 8th April 2008 – one more week to closure

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