Ok. Enough about gays, dykes and what-not-homosexuals. No voting people out, no against not voting people out and what not. Let’s talk about something that apparently a group of people like. BJs. Yes, BJs. I have never had a BJ before and when DK (oh, he’s going to kill me) found out, he was so surprised… so shocked. In fact, he was so shocked that he asked, "Are you sure you never had a BJ before?!?!" (Yes, the "?!?!" could be heard in his tone).

With pretty much a straight face, I affirmed that.

Well, for all those who joins me in this, perhaps shrinking league, I have the answer for all of you; and me included. There will be free BJs given out purportedly by a group of people, guys and girls. You want more info? For your eyes only… =)


Got poster some more ok? Don’t pray pray

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