Got the invite via DK and Ridz from Brian of Ogilvy to the Open Room event. Apparently, they just acquired the new wing as part of an extension of their existing premises and advertisers, marketing professionals and bloggers were invited to this Blogger Social event. I thought it was a very kind gesture on the part of Brian and his team because bloggers were always seen in the bad light – that they will give unsolicited comments on products or slamming a product’s features. However, this can’t be further from the truth and I thank Brian and his team for providing an opportunity for bloggers to interact with the marketing professionals. The event was held at… the Open Room, which is on Level 3 of the Ogilvy Center, just back to back with SGX and opposite the Lau Pat Sat.


And in case you were lost…


You can always call for assistance. Disclaimer: I have no idea whose number this is. Just… don’t spam it, ok? =) On second thoughts, I’d be a responsible blogger and mask the number. =)


It’s unlikely that you’ll miss this screaming red wall with the logo artistically etched onto the wall. Of course, from here, it’s hard not to notice the registration counter…


And the goodie bags that beckon behind. =)

This event was meant for advertisers and marketing professionals to interact with the bloggers – and indeed it was. I was so busy interacting with people that I actually didn’t manage to take any photos of the exhibits. From what I recalled, there was a range of Canon Ixus cameras as well as the Canon HF10 and FS100 Camcorders; not forgetting their DSLR, the Canon EOS 40D. Yes, I am eyeing on reviewing that model because I am on the brink of getting a DSLR.

There’s also the Nokia N95, which I thought was a babe! I heard it comes with build in GPS, but I didn’t know that I could actually attach it to a TV to play games! I tried to play some games on it… but the screen was too big and I got a little too giddy. =( However, I am still a Nokia supporter! That’s probably why they are not letting me review any of their phones. =(

From a distance, I saw an oversize iPod, but before I could take a photo of it, it was gone! =( Well, it was quite a wasted chance for me to get it’s photo up here. Next time perhaps…

And here’s the people photos!


The prince and the princesses


3 Sexy ladies! =)


The loot left unattended…


The one-glass-turn-red Plaktoz


DK acting shy

And yes, that’s about as many photos as I can get. It was really a networking session for me so there’s less of camwhoring today. =P

Oh… there was a goodie bag for all who attended today’s event. Nice red bag! Reminds me of rednano… =P


Tadah! This is the much coveted goodie bag that was seen at the registration table. =) It’s really quite a packful inside!

DSC04772 DSC04773 DSC04774 DSC04775 DSC04777 DSC04778 DSC04780 DSC04779

That’s quite a fair bit of goodies we see here. There’s the PSP soft case holder (it’s really, really nice to feel – like soft wool), there’s a 1GB thumbdrive that’s kindly provided by Nokia n-gage, the Yahoo!Answer notepad – good for writing notes for your lectures, the muvee CD – which is a software that can do amazing movie stuffs and MTVs – you should try it, the PlayStation keychain – which also doubles up as a memory stick holder – w00t!, and other memorabilia from Yahoo!, SecureItLive! and n-gage. Lastly, of course, there’s my name tag. =)

And there’s something missing from these images! The last gift…


The car key to my new BMW! Check on the next post on this and more! =)

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