After the presentation was over, Arzhou took the lead to walk out of Geek Terminal to head towards The Pump Room. The road was long and treacherous. It was hot, wet (as in sweaty), and paved with restaurants who tried to convince us to give their food a shot. Thank goodness I had the company of Joanne of Ogilvy tp brave this journey together. It was quite amusing initially because she was trying to get my name right; and when she finally realised that my name was Jean, she was wondering if I was Jean of Simply Jean.

Heh heh… I enjoyed the anonymity while it lasted.

We talked about social media on the whole and she was trying to get a grasp of social media and advertisers. She’s so hard working that she was even reading up a book on Website-something-Measurement! Impressed… impressed. Of course, when she later realised that my course of study had nothing to do with the Internet nor social media, she was quite surprised.

So you are a Bernard Leong!” Oh man, I felt so flattered. Heh heh… 😉

By the time we got to The Pump Room, we had to queue for our turn and while everyone was hot, I was wet drenched. I had no choice but to strip my jacket off for a moment. When it was finally our turn to get in, we were told to “move in and turn left”. Of course, everyone was expecting some seats, but we were greeted with surprise when we were refused entry into an area which we now realised was the VIP area.

So what was all the “move in and turn left” about? Then we realised. We were supposed to stand. Haha… everyone’s hopes dashed when that was confirmed by someone in the crowd. Oh well.

I didn’t get a beer, but for those who did, most commented that it was almost like water – and most importantly, Tian Hong didn’t even turn red! You see, he has a high propensity of turning red regardless of what alcoholic drinks he takes and he didn’t even turn red on this!


The music was pretty nice, although all the songs we heard were “oldies”. The band playing was Jive Talking, and the vocalists and musicians were very good! The male vocalist had an evil sense of humour too. Apparently, some girl got sabo’ed into going onto stage because it was her birthday, and she was asked for a dance by the male vocalist! Haha…


Can’t see much, but I thought she reminded me of The Mermaid, just a little taller. Shortly after the dance, another ang mo took over.


Hmm… give me the cheeky vocalist anytime. Haha… =)

The group lasted for about a  few songs – with the most popular one being “That thing you do”. I guess almost everyone was familiar with the song. Yeah, I remember hearing it when I was just a small kid. =P

After the band announced that they were taking a break, the rest of us decided to take a break too. In fact, I think the few of us decided to call it a day. It wasn’t so much about the bed beckoning, but it was more of… “mood”?

Oh well.

On our way out, we met miccheng who was having a lonesome beer at the bar. Just as he was about to leave with us, Arzhou came along and convinced him to stay for another beer. So I guess that leaves Ridz, DK and me.

So was it calling a day? Nope. There was still more aftermath – probably not in the context of Podfire event or post event, but more of… being trapped outside my gates! More later. Starbucks chasing people out now. =P

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