I was thinking twice if I should post this here (because readers here are only looking at those socio-political issues?) but I was thinking… aiyah! whatever lah! Haha…

I had actually been contemplating about moving out of Singapore to either the US/UK/Australia or wherever that accepts me into graduate medical school (GMS) to study and eventually to settle down. This seemed to be a rather natural progression because if I had to apply for GMS overseas, that probably means that Singapore didn’t give me an opportunity to pursue something that I wish to do and pursue as a long term goal – and to return to Singapore after graduating from a GMS overseas probably meant that I’d be treated as a 3rd class citizen and 3rd class doctor anyway.

Returning to Singapore as a talent but still a Singapore probably doesn’t make me a foreign talent. I’d probably have to give up my citizenship and then come back as a foreigner that makes me a foreign talent – which according to local believes fetches more benefits.

Of course if I should ever move to another country, the purpose is not to come back as a foreign talent – but rather, I’d figure that they probably need "foreign talents" in their country than Singapore needs me. After all, Singapore probably gave up whatever vacancies to another foreign talent. Of course, I’d rather serve my country any time, and the good thing about being a doctor is that there’s no boundaries where patients are concerned because there should not be discrimination when saving a person’s life.

I digress. It’s about how I will feel after I leave Singapore.

I guess I will miss the country. I will miss seeing Dr Chee get himself into more trouble. I probably can’t miss much of the general elections because it’d probably be a walkover in the ward I am in. I’ll miss the food, my friends and my parents as well. This is a time when I wish that I have a loved one with me who can accompany me on this long journey but alas, I have none.

While the grass is greener on the other side, the road is going to be a little lonely. Walking alone will no doubt be tough, but I guess that’s the price to pay when you are in pursuit of your dreams and your country doesn’t give you that opportunity. Or is it because I just don’t have the material for it? (of course, the last question is rhetorical) =P

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