It’s quite sad that Chengdu had been affected by the recent earthquake, which measured 7.8 on the Ritcher scale. As the scale is logarithmic, that’s about 600 megatons of TNT, or 2.4EJ of energy. In layman’s term, it’s one helluva energy to be released. More facts can be found here. and death toll is expected to hit the tens of thousands if aftershocks create more damage.

This calamity happened shortly after Myanmar was hit by a cyclone. However, unlike Myanmar, there’s sufficient resources in China for the rescue missions. Myanmar, till date, has only shown concern with pushing its own propaganda to its people, with little regards to the pleas to allow UN aids to enter Myanmar. Due to the delay in delivery relief to the people, diseases are expected to be rampant, which will probably see a sharp increase in the death toll should the government remain stubborn in its stance. To Myanmar: What use is a country when eventually people go against you? Or are you planning to suppress them regardless?

While it’s only Day 1 of the aftermath, China has responded promptly on its rescue missions. While Taiwan has offered aid, China showed no resistance in accepting help from a country that it is still at loggerheads with. If indeed China accepts help from the Taiwanese counterpart, I guess it says a lot of how China is willing to put aside pride and politics and putting their people first.

It’s sad that the cyclone and earthquake happened back to back, and what saddens me more is how one country is unwilling to set aside its propaganda for the good of its people. The junta in Myanmar is having a wrong sense of priority and I hope the people can wake up eventually. To all the people who suffered in the calamity, I offer my deepest condolences and prayers.

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