Indeed after 2 disasters, a midnight storm caught occupants unaware and killed 13 of them and injured about a dozen, all of whom were at a construction site. While the degree of destruction may not be as huge as the previous 2, still, lives lost are lost lives and these should be prevented. For people who have watched the movie – The Day After Tomorrow, they may be familiar with the story line that the planet is adjusting itself such that it’ll be in equilibrium again; equilibrium from what the planet’s occupants have taken away from it, and that this is happening way ahead of what anyone’s model can predict.

Are we ready for it yet? Is it really to late to start green campaigns?

CHANDIGARH (India) – A HOUSE collapse triggered by a storm in northern India killed 13 labourers and injured over a dozen on Sunday, officials said.

At least 13 labourers were buried under piles of rubble in Gurgaon, near India’s capital, New Delhi, after portions of a house they were constructing collapsed on them, police said.

Police said the collapse was triggered by a midnight storm that lashed Haryana state.

‘The victims lived in huts adjacent to a construction site,’ said Mr Srikrishan Murari, a senior police officer.

Around 16 injured labourers were being treated in a hospital, he added. — REUTERS

Article obtained from on 19th May 2008

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