Seriously, did they (referring to bloggers who do funny stuffs on their blogs) really think that they can get away scot-free? The offending post was replicated and pasted all over the place – including Hardwarezone; and if it ever gets that far, it’s just a matter of time before the authorities will be alerted. I did a search based on the offending statement and came across Weikiat’s blog. For a moment, I thought he was the one. Thank goodness he wasn’t, because it’d really be quite a shock. Although he had removed the statements that were offending in the original post, it wasn’t difficult to search for the places that replicated it.

Just try "There he sat, unaffected by his surroundings, smelling like he didn’t showered in years and wore some really scary dirty clothes…".

Or if you have difficulty finding it, you may want to try… here?

I’m not sure if I should even reproduce it here because the last thing that I want happen to me is to be arrested at 9:45pm. Then again, it’s even been tomorrow’d! So… (speaking of which, as a blogger, the last thing that you want is to have your unglamorous posts tomorrow’d) here’s the offending post, but instead of just pasting it here point blank, I’d like to look through it with my own (non-racist) comments.

Quoted from

See, to me…no matter how highly Singapore sits on the map there is still the part we cant erase… and thats the heartlanders and those gross out people in society… why cant we be like Milan where everyone is so well dressed and well-mannered??

To the blogger: I think you have some problems with the people in Singapore. Why are you even making the comparison? Are you trying to tell the whole world that you’ve been to Milan? If you like it there so much, why doesn’t you just find a job there and settle down? Singapore can make do with one less racist. Come on, stop living in your ivory towers in Paya Lebar!

We shall not even touch on politics on Mas Salamat, which of course… if you have realised, i didnt bother talking about it, coz there are many other bloggers conversing on that.So so so… what is this pathetic malay man (again, it have to be a MALAY!!!!) doing in the train?

To the blogger: I don’t even understand why you are picking on the guy (the man was apparently sitting on the floor). This happens everywhere regardless of race and it’s not because of race but rather because of poverty that lead to people to not care about themselves anymore. You should be ashamed of yourself.

well, he was already in the train when i boarded and there he sat, unaffected by his surroundings, smelling like he didnt showered in years and wore some really scary dirty clothes and had a dirty muddy bag with him too, in it were empty bottles which looks used… to many, he may seem a poor man or a beggar.. but… to me.. he’s wasted !!I mean… wassup with all the pretentious looks and actions for man….go get a job or better yet, make himself useful and learn how to start a fire using charcoal.. as it all lies in their blood…. SATAY SATAY!!!!

To the blogger: Pretentious? Look who’s pretentious. Milan? Well-mannered? I think it’s time you return to reality.

Aiya….stupid MALAYS!! Even if you are a Malay and am reading this… good for you..coz this is my personal blog and i can say what i deem fit…. if u wana defend yourself…. i suggest you arm youself with education and a motor mouth to compete against me.. else dont bother… coz i will bet my life on the line that, should you challenge me in a conversation… you will lose like what a true malay would…. LIKE **** !!!GET LOST!!

To the blogger: Hey, I guess you are the stupid one. Stupid enough to write something like this and get arrested. Indeed you can say what you deem fit. It’s people like you that made it seem like we are all not ready for freedom of speech. With freedom comes responsibility and you just showed the rest of the world (if not just Singapore) that we are not responsible. Thanks.

He mentioned that he wrote it only for friends and that he will apologise online. Well, we are still waiting for your apology; and I think you are disgracing your friends by implying that they share the same perspectives as you.

Update: He apologised on his blog.

Dear Readers,

I would like to express my sincere apologies for any misinterpretation to my blog entry.

I regret having mentioned this entry in my blog which I didn’t expect it to turn out to be like this, I should have been more mindful.

Once again, I am sincerely apologetic for the recent events that had happen.

Your’s sincerely,


I hope he’s sincere about it and not because he’s been warned by the police.

A LOCAL blogger who ranted about a commuter’s behaviour on an MRT train was arrested on Tuesday night.

Police said the 24-year-old Chinese man was taken from his home at Paya Lebar Way at about 9.45 pm for ‘posting contents in his blog which may wound the racial feelings of another person’.

A computer, believed to be used to post the suspect’s blog, was seized for investigations, which are ongoing.

The case came to the attention of police on May 19 when they received two reports complaining of the alleged posts by the suspect.

According to a report in The New Paper on Wednesday, the blog was apparently sparked off by the suspect seeing a man of an another race sitting on the floor of an MRT train.

The blogger, an undergraduate, allegedly wrote: ‘There he sat, unaffected by his surroundings, smelling like he didn’t showered (sic) in years and wore some really scary dirty clothes…’

He went on to make other offensive comments about that racial group in his tirade, drawing flak from local netizens, who called him a racist.

One net-user wrote: ‘Stupidity has nothing to do with race at all. Just look to that blogger for proof that stupidity transcends all races.’

Added another: ‘Some things, once said, cannot be retraced. Don’t even make such stupid remarks in the first place.’

Under Section 298 of the Penal Code, Chapter 224, anyone with deliberate intention of wounding the religious or racial feelings of any person, causes any matter however represented to be seen or heard by that person, can be jailed up to three years, or fine, or both, if convicted.

Deputy Commander of Central Police Div HQ, Superintendent Lee Ping Yue, in a statement late on Tuesday, said that police take a serious view of such irresponsible blog postings in a multi-racial society like Singapore and ‘will expend all efforts in tracking the perpetrators’.

Interviewed by TNP earlier on Tuesday before his arrest, the blogger said he was sorry for what he had written and would be more mindful of what he says in his blog in future.

He said he was shocked by the furore over his blog entry, which he said was only intended for his close friends. He added that he was surprised that the entry, which was written two months ago, started circulating only days ago.

‘I am a very expressive person – my style of writing is over the top. I write this way to make my entries more punchy and exciting,’ he told TNP.

He denied being a racist and maintained that he did not harbour any ill will towards the racial group he wrote about.

But he let on that he was in a particularly bad mood the day he wrote the blog entry.

‘I meant what I wrote in a different way. If people read it in another way, there is nothing much I can do,’ he said, adding that he planned to put up an online apology for his comments.

He has removed the post and password-protected his blog, which was featured on blog aggregator, and linked to several popular online forums.

Article obtained from on 21st May 2008

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