If I was told that the Japan custom officers are hiding cannabis in passengers’ luggage so that they can be used as carriers, I probably will just bate an eyelid. However, they are now saying that they are using the passengers and their luggage as training for their dogs?! My eyelids are batting in automatic mode! Can you imagine the fright that a passenger will get when he or she gets confronted by a sniffer dog?!

Anyway, the package in one of the exercises is not lost and one passenger probably got home with the additional package in his luggage. Wonder if he knows use to use it. =)

TOKYO – ONE of the travellers who arrived at Tokyo’s Narita airport over the weekend may have picked up an unusual souvenir from customs – a package of cannabis.

A customs official hid the package in a suitcase belonging to a passenger arriving from Hong Kong as a training exercise for sniffer dogs on Sunday, but lost track of both drugs and suitcase during the practice session, a spokeswoman for Tokyo customs said.

Customs regulations specify that a training suitcase be used for such exercises, but the official said he had used passengers’ suitcases for similar purposes in the past, domestic media reported.

‘The dogs have always been able to find it before,’ NHK quoted him as saying. ‘I became overconfident that it would work.’

Anyone who finds the package should contact Tokyo customs as soon as possible, the spokeswoman said. — REUTERS

Article obtained from straitstimes.com on 26th May 2008

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