Editor: This is not really a big deal, as I’d have agreed with a few other readers, but it’s just the way that the comment was being phrased that seems… *don’t know how to explain*. Nay, I am just being sensitive.

I saw this comment posted today in my blog and alarm bells started ringing immediately. The blog post in question was the one about the seemingly fake evidence on Pedra Branca. Now, "nal" wrote that:

I can’t imagine an island with a ‘foreign’ name got stuck somewhere in the middle of the malay’s archipelago region. It just doesn’t add up……….Who is this smark aleck, who changed the name ?

I think Pulau Batu Putih sounds more realistic.

To which, "anon" replied:


shattap, Pulau Batu Putih no longer exist, it’s Pedra Branca now!


Now, if "anon" is a Singaporean, or for that matter, any other nationality, I would have just closed both eyes. But a check at the IP address revealed:


Of course, I am being just oversensitive. I guess it’s just the way that it’s being put across, especially with the "shattap" (shut up). It could all be said in jest, but knowing how people are being prosecuted and all, it’ll not be forgivable if I hear alarm bells and let it continue ringing. So…


I decided to do the Singaporean kiasi thing. I removed the comment. At least temporarily. Hmm…

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