A woman who is driving a Honda Type R parked her car in the middle of 2 parking lots in a carpark (view image here) actually said that it was a $100K car, so she could park it anyway she wanted. I couldn’t believe someone will actually say something like this. She is only driving a Honda, what if one day she drives a Ferarri or Lamborghini or Porsche, does that mean she can drive anyway she wanted on the road? She can cut into other people’s lanes just because her car is expensive or whatsoever and other motorists have to give in to her? She even challenge to be photographed.

STOMPer AA said this woman, who parked on two lots, challenged to be photographed, and said that since it was a $100K car, she could park it anyway she wanted.

The STOMPer said, the woman whom he met on May 25, claimed to be waiting for someone.

“But that does not give her the right to park the car this way,” he said.

According to him, the woman even said, “Want to take picture, take lah. It’s a $100K car, I can park it anyway I want. Don’t be red eye just because you cannot afford one.”

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