Are you one of those respondents who are not aware that smoking can cause blindness? An article by Linda Kaspari states that cigarette smoking reduces levels of plasma antioxidant, a substance in the blood stream, which protects retinal cells. Smoking causes the protective layer between the retina and blood vessels to erode, resulting in poor circulation, irritation and scarring.

Many smokers know that smoking can cause stroke and diseases such as lung and throat cancers but continues to smoke. Will smokers start to quit smoking if they know that it will lead to blindness? Or will they just ignore it as it is just adding another disease to the list.

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Did you know smoking can cause Blindness?
Smoking can cause Blindness

Most people know that smoking can cause stroke and diseases such as lung and throat cancers, but many are unaware that taking that puff can also cause blindness.

This is according to the first cross-cultural survey between Singapore’s Alexandra Hospital and Scotland’s Ninewell Hospital, which polled over 200 respondents in the two countries.

While more than eight in ten are aware of the more common diseases afflicting smokers, only about three in ten regard blindness as a smoking-related condition.

The fact is, experts say, smoking increases the risk of age-related deterioration of the retina by four times and triples the risk for cataract clouding.

The study also showed that graphic warning labels on cigarette packs may just be the extra push needed to get smokers to stub it out.

Eight in ten Singaporeans either felt fearful or disgusted when shown the images.

Only about a quarter of respondents from both countries said the labels will have no effect in getting them to stop smoking.

Alexandra Hospital said it is in talks with the Health Promotion Board to include on cigarette packs a warning on the risk of blindness.


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