With all the bad news going around on the opposition, there’s finally some good stuffs from the opposition. I’m really glad for them because this shows that the opposite can also live up to the promise. In fact, Chiam is probably one of the more well-respected opposition because his views and reason are real and down to earth. Showing that he cares for the people in his ward also helps a lot.

However, there had been signs of his aging and he suffered a mild stroke earlier this year. Quite little was done in planning for succession and there might be a chance that the current ruling party in Parliament may claim victory in the next general election. Oppositions like him are rare. Let’s hope that there is succession to the good work that he’s done.

THE completion of a covered walkway in Potong Pasir marks the fulfillment of a promise Mr Chiam See Tong made during the 2006 General Election.

On Saturday, the opposition MP ‘opened’ the walkway which links the MRT station to the town centre, amid a shower of colourful confetti and a rousing lion dance.

Hailing the walkway as proof that the opposition ‘will fulfill whatever we promise’, he told reporters: ‘At the last election, I said I will build this covered linkway, and now this task has been completed. We have done our job.’

The project, which costs the town council $250,000, also ended a dispute between Mr Chiam and Mr Sitoh Yih Pin from the People’s Action Party, who lost the contest for the ward in 2006 polls.

Before the election, Mr Sitoh had installed solar lamps along the pathway – where the walkway now stands – after obtaining lease of the land from the Singapore Land Authority (SLA).

When some of the lights were vandalised, Mr Sitoh declined to repair them, saying the land’s lease was due to expire.

Mr Chiam, on the other hand, said it was illegal for his town council to use its funds for the repairs, as the land was not under the council’s jurisdiction.

Article obtained from straitstimes.com on 31st May 2008

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