According to Sentosa Leisure Group Director, Service Quality & Communications, an unforeseen technical malfunction yesterday (30 May 2008) forced the cancellation of the two nightly shows for Songs of the Sea at 7.40pm and 8.40pm. It occurred just before the 7.40 show. As the management did not offer cash refund on the day of event,  the crowds were angry and disappointed with the service quality of Singapore. 

The management should have made immediate refunds so as to make the crowd less unhappy. At Sentosa, we are not only talking about Singaporeans, but we have to consider the number of tourists affected too. Well, I hope those tourists affected will not have a bad impression of Singapore because of this particular incident.

These patrons waiting to watch Sentosa’s Songs of the Sea show got really frustrated and angry at the counter staff, as no cash refund was given, and the STOMPer who was there feels this is a disgrace. Even the police had to be called in, he recounted.
In an email to STOMP on May 31, the STOMPer said:

“It started with a trip to Sentosa, where my girlfriend’s foreigner friend decided to catch the “Songs of the Sea” show, since it’s all so famous, featured all over the world in our Uniquely Singapore campaign.

“We reached Vivocity in the early afternoon, paid for 3 entrance ticket ($3 each), to enter Sentosa. After we arrived at the Beach Station, we headed straight to the ticketing counter to buy tickets to the earliest show at 7.40pm ($6 each).

“We then walked around the beach waiting for the show to start.

“At about 7.30pm, we headed to the entrance, waiting for the show to start. We waited till 7.55pm, and then we were told that the show was canceled due to “some technical difficulties”.”

Angry at the wait, the STOMPer said they rushed to the ticketing counter to get a refund.
“All this while fuming mad. We came all the way to catch this show, and it’s canceled at such a timing?”

However, the STOMPer was in for a shock, as no cash refund was provided, he said.

“What we’ll be getting is a lousy piece of voucher that gives us $6 worth of credits that we could use at the gift shop ONLY at the monorail station, OR, come back and catch the show another day (within the 3 months validity period).

“It was not known when the show will resume, since this “technical difficulty” caused the 8.40pm show to be canceled as well.”

He added:”Loads of foreign visitors were equally fuming as well, since they are tourists, and would not be back visiting Sentosa anytime soon.

“Like wise, we paid a total of $27 to catch this show, and frankly both me and my girlfriend just isn’t interested to catch this show anytime within 3 months either. ”

He estimates the number of visitors to the show to be about 1,000 and described the tense situation:

“Some foreigners began to bang tables; staff (including a manager at the counter) just nonchalantly said “Sentosa will never give cash refunds. If you’re interested in swapping tickets for vouchers, step forward.”

“When these visitors demanded for cash refunds, rangers were called in to shove them aside. Police were later called to control the crowd. ”

On the impression this incident would create, he added:

“As a Singaporean myself, I can’t help to feel disgusted, and even ashamed that such acts are done right on Singaporean grounds. What happened to GEMS?

“We’ve went through many, many campaigns to bring good service in Singapore, and we could not even fulfill a simple task of refunding cash when goods are not delivered.

“To make things worse, we have tourists involved in this saga. What kind of image are we projecting to these visitors? Are we much akin to thugs who shove people aside should there be an argument?

“I am seriously embarrassed over this incident. My girlfriend’s friend have gave up on Singaporean service after this incident. ”

The Police told STOMP a call was received at about7:50pm about a rowdy crowd at Sentosa’s Siloso Beach formed due to the cancellation of a show caused by a technical glitch.

The Police assisted in crowd control.

Sentosa says it is offering cash refunds in its statement to STOMP. Read its full story here.

Another STOMPer also had a similar experience. Read his account here.

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