Yes, there is another change again. The postponed petrol ban on Singaporean within 50km from its borders is called off. This is party due to the repercussions on the businesses in Johor, and the strong opposition voices from Johor businesses. So, with the ban cancelled, Singaporeans will be unlikely to cut down on trips to Malaysia. However, with this ban cancelled, all Malaysians have to suffer together. Petrol price, effective from today is raise by 40% to RM2.70 per litre for petrol and RM2.58 per litre for diesel. There will be no difference in petrol price to local or foreigner. Did I smell protest?

SINGAPORE vehicles can continue topping up on petrol in Johor, the Malaysian government said yesterday, ending days of uncertainty over whether it would implement a ban within 50km of the border.

The news came with the announcement of a 40 per cent hike in petrol prices from today.

Analysts say the move is a high-stakes gamble by Premier Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, who is fighting for his political survival.

Article obtained from on 5th June 2008

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