Yes. After a really long wait, and much anticipation (of a ‘legal’ iphone) and anti-anticipation (of perhaps being a non 3G iphone), we finally have the good news that 3G iPhone will be available from SingTel later this year! Woohoo! Time to start saving, if your hands are itching for the 3G iPhone. Alternatively, it means one less gadget from PC show 2008 (12-15 Jun) that is coming to Suntec this week. =(

FANS of the Apple iPhone will be able to get their hands on the new, faster version of the device within the next few months, and likely at a more attractive price than the original too.

This will be good news for those hankering for the iconic device, the original version of which is still not available here a year after its launch.

Singapore Telecommunications (SingTel) on Tuesday announced that it will be bringing the speedier and ‘much anticipated iPhone 3G to Singapore later this year.’

In a media statement, SingTel executive vice president Quek Peck Leng said that the mobile operator was ‘pleased … to be the first mobile operator in Singapore to launch’ the device.’

Apple chief operating officer Tim Cook said the company was ‘excited to be working with SingTel, the largest multi-market mobile operator in the Asia Pacific, to bring iPhone 3G’ to Singapore. No official launch date has been set.

The iPhone 3G (third generation), which was unveiled in San Francisco on Monday night by Apple chief executive officer Steve Jobs, comes one year after it launched the original iPhone to mixed reviews.

Fans enthused about its sleek look and brand cache, while critics savaged the device for its poor messaging capabilities and lack of 3G or third generation wireless access, key selling points for markets like Singapore.

It has nonetheless sold over five million worldwide, halfway to Mr Job’s stated target of selling 10 million iPhones in 18 months.

The new 3G or third-generation iPhone addresses many of these complaints. Just last month, SingTel announced that it will be selling the original iPhone later this year.

Article obtained from on 10th Jun 2008

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