It may be cold comfort for some, but some molesters do get justice served on them – albeit a few. In such cases, it is usually very difficult for the victim to claim against the violator, as it’s usually a person’s words against another. Many a times, the violator gets away scot-free because there is simply insufficient evidence. At the same time, it may be a shameful thing that not many victims will want to make public – doing which may risk them being labelled, particularly from people who thinks that it takes 2 hands to clap. These group of people will probably feel that girls who are raped probably deserve it.

A recent post from a local blogger drew flames from many netizens, who copied and pasted the post in forums such as the SammyBoy and CNA forums. While some have expressed sympathy for the victim, many have called her names and insinuated that she deserved what she got. After all, she “only got touched” and not raped. One blogger has also noted that these are signs of deterioriation in the moral of the society – where people think that it’s the victim’s fault for leading the violator on.

If there’s any lesson to learn from, it’s probably to avoid putting oneself in a compromising position. While the victim may not necessarily “deserve it”, having herself (or himself) in vulnerable positions will only put her (or him) at a disadvantage. Claiming justice may be a tedious process – and some times difficult. This may even result in the violator claiming defamation against the victim. As for the molester in the article below, there were sufficient victims (sad to say that) and hence, evidence, against him to put him away for a long while.

A MOLESTER who preyed on more than 20 young girls and women in the Marsiling and Woodlands areas was packed off to jail for 14 years and ordered to be given 18 strokes of the cane on Thursday.

Mohammed Ismail Ariffin, 36, unemployed, pleaded guilty last month to 10 charges of outrage of modesty, aggravated molestation and insulting modesty between September 2006 and February this year.

His victims were between nine and 53.

A Community Court heard that Ismail, who suffered from mild mental retardation, would either touch the victim’s buttocks or smell their armpits to release himself.

The offences were committed at HDB lifts, staircase landings and even in the victims’ homes.

He was arrested on Feb 12. Fourteen other charges were taken into consideration.

His lawyer, Mr Noor Mohamed Marican, assigned by the Association of Criminal Lawyers of Singapore, said his behaviour was not normal.

Ismail, he said, was suffering from the adverse influence of taking Romilar pills – used mostly to suppress coughs.

Pleading for leniency, he urged Community Court judge James Leong not to impose a long sentence on Ismail but to send him for medical treatment and rehabilitative programme.

Ismail has previous convictions since 1991 for drug- and sexual-related offences. In 1996, he was givne six years and six strokes for aggravated molestation.

Judge Leong sentenced him to 14 years’ preventive detention and caning.  

Article obtained from on 12th June 2008

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