Well, if the reports in the papers were anything to go by, then you should not be paying anything more than S$90 to S$120; and no, I do not encourage the selling or buying of NDP tickets, which is given out free every year. Such touting had been discouraged every year by the organizers, but little is, or can be done to curb this, except for the organizers to liaise with online auction sites to stop the sale and auction of such tickets.

Are you willing to pay for your NDP tickets?

Online touts selling NDP tickets

By Jermyn Chow

WHAT is the price for celebrating Singapore’s 43rd birthday? Around $100, say netizens who are hawking tickets to this year’s National Day Parade (NDP).

Scalpers are offering the highly sought-after tickets – given out for free – at online auction sites like eBay and mocca.com.

Prices have hit $120 for a pair of tickets to the actual show on Aug 9 and the preview on Aug 2, with the average quotes hovering at around $90.

While scalping the tickets is not illegal, it is frowned on by parade organisers, who gave out the 54,000 NDP tickets during an electronic ballot earlier this month. Its spokesman said: ‘We strongly urge Singaporeans not to buy or sell the tickets.’

eBay’s vice-president (emerging markets) Dan Neary said: ‘We will be glad to work with the NDP organisers or the authorities to resolve the matter of NDP tickets being resold.’ The Straits Times understands that some online auctions of NDP tickets were stopped last year.

Source: Straits Times Interactive, http://www.straitstimes.com/Singapore/Story/STIStory_251342.html

Article extracted on 25th June 2008

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