How many times have we came across a "Eureka!" idea but realised that we didn’t have the resource to do it? How many times have we thought of some silly ideas but waved it off just to discover that someone else did it later on? How often have we "talked cock sing song" with friends over the coffee table only to discover that all the sing-song could have spun off into a product?

If any of these have hit you at least once, then you will want to consider penning it down and sending it ACE (Action Community for Entrepreneurship) for a chance to see their ideas come to life. ACE ( is currently encouraging every man on the street to blast their ideas to them. If you think that your idea is silly, have you considered how many uses can be made out of a paper clip? If you are going to say that it can be used as a fish hook, or a book mark… then you are not letting your creative juices run! How about using it as a cutter to open your packet of Twisties, or as a pimple squeezer?

Silly? Hey, you might just be hitting on a pot of gold! Imagine if you were the patent holder to the invention of the simple paper clip, you’d be sitting back and enjoying royalties paid to you every year. Still, nothing beats the satisfaction of seeing your own name appearing on the US Patents and Trademarks Office (USPTO).

While the ACE website may quote more "high tech" innovations such as the Online Business Licensing Service (OBLS) (for which I was personally involved too!), the concept of Duck Tours and the F1 night racing, simpler ideas that can improve the daily lives of many others are never too small to be suggested. After all, it didn’t take too much of a genius to figure that since "Drive-Thrus" worked for McDonald’s, it may just work for banking! (Guess where in Singapore you can get drive-through banking, although the one I knew is already defunct now).

ZoCard_3 (front)

So why not hurry up and get your creative juices running! After all, typing is free and submission is just a click away at More importantly, you should do so by the 17th July 2008 and that’s when you can stand to win prizes of up to S$1000. If ideas are free, why not cash in on yours today? =)

  1. Creative Technology Limited collected US$100 million from Apple for a grant to use a Creative patent on hierarchical user interface on the latter’s products that was originally used in Creative Zen’s players. Source: CNet,
  2. This post is made possible by Blog2U @, who, amongst others, figured that if advertising works for papers, magazines and bus stops – then why not blogs?

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  1. Jwong | July 3rd, 2008 at 9:32 am

    “Participants further agree to participate in, at participants’ own expense, prize presentation ceremonies and all other publicity events in Singapore or elsewhere in relation to the contest, without payment or compensation.”

    “In addition, to be eligible for the prizes, all winners shall sign and return an affidavit of eligibility, release of liability, publicity release giving ACE and/or its advertising and promotion agencies permission to use his or her name, contest entries, picture, image and voice for publicity purposes connected with this promotion without payment or compensation.”

    So if they decide you have to shake some minister’s hands in Europe, you have to fork out your own expenses. And you cannot refuse, or their money back. And they don’t have to pay you a single cent for anything at all.

    A fairly common disclaimer, I guess. However, if you had a really good idea and went through other means to market it, I’m sure you would make a whole lot more than $1000. In fact, you’d very likely get a whole lot more than that just for the publicity fees.

    This contest is so amazingly shrewd it goes right under everyone’s nose how much the ideas they are submitting are actually worth. Now THAT’s an idea.

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