There’s much much speculation that Mrs Lee Kuan Yew has rested in peace and the topic was brought up over the coffee table again. In fact, the news "leaked" out as early as 26th June 2008 in some popular forums. As the last news of her being admitted was announced 3 days after it happened (admitted to hospital on 12th May 2008, announced in papers on 15th May 2008), netizens have been using the 72 hours lag as a guidelines as to when news of her demise will come.

72 hours is long, gone, over and there had been no news. Although we spotted some ang chias along North Bridge Road yesterday, we don’t think it’s got anything to do with Mrs Lee. So… shall we all move on? News will be news when it’s newsworthy. =)

But seriously, we are really so looking forwarded to it? Shadowfox highlighted some forums where this is apparently going on. Some hate her simply because she’s the wife of Mr Lee Kuan Yew, while others have grudges against her for setting up the Women’s Charter in Singapore. The apparent grudges for the latter was simply because the charter empowered "even into the most undeserving women who cheats in marriage and fully capable of fending for themselves".

This, of course is not necessarily true for all cases, bearing in mind that the initial purpose of the charter, extracted from Wikipedia at’s_Charter_(Singapore), was to:

… improve and protect the rights of females in Singapore and to guarantee greater legal equality for women in legally-sanctioned relationships (but not those of Muslims). Definitions of the rights of husbands and wives in marriage, as well as outlining legal potentialities with regard to divorce and separation, and the banning of polygamy are some of the major elements of the Act.

An amendment was passed to the Women’s Charter in 1996, which focused around rights regarding domestic abuse and matrimonial assets.

While some may argue that this is outdated as women are gaining more (very equal?) education and working opportunities that it should be abolished altogether. However, we have to remember that there is now another group of women coming into Singapore: foreign brides. This may of course open up another Pandora’s Box, where some think that foreign brides are here for another purpose; but I shall not visit that issue yet.

Essentially, the charter may be amended again, just like how car owners get their money back after scraping their cars. If we, according to the discussion forums in Straits Times Interactive, have such belief in the feedback system, I think the system will change gradually. Perhaps nothing drastic, but I think Singapore needs some time to adjust properly to a global change.

PS: For digging out whatever’s on the net (hey, it’s still quite a dig), have you cast your votes today? =)

Someone: Ya, cast already… but you didn’t say cast for who. kekeke… =P

Editor: Yikes! Please cast for Simply Jean. =P

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