Approximately 1,000 Singaporeans give up their citizenship every year – and this is only based on data that’s derived from Singaporeans who denounced their citizenship and left Singapore is the past 3 years. I am not sure of their decision to give up the citizenship, but I suspect that it’s got something to do with Singapore’s stance on dual citizenship.

The country does not allow dual citizenship and Singaporeans who want to take up a second citizenship is supposedly forced to make a decision to give up one of the citizenship. Needless to say, if the Singaporean goes through all the effort to get the second citizenship, guess what he’ll choose? =) Nonetheless, it’s been rumoured that such declarations had been relaxed recently and there’s just a slight chance that the government might contemplate to allow for dual citizenship – although it’s something that won’t come in my life time.

With all the hearsay going around, perhaps it’s a good time to straighten out some… "facts". Apparently, if you decide to give up your citizenship, you’d be given some time to consider it. If you are bent on giving it up, then you’d be able to withdraw your CPF in full within 2 weeks. For male Singaporeans, I am not sure how things go, but I presume that it spells the end of the 10-year reservist cycle.

Anyone gone through such a process? =)

1,000 S’poreans give up citizenship each year

AN AVERAGE of about 1,000 Singapore gave up their citizenship each year in the last three years, said Home Affairs Minister Wong Kan Seng on Monday.

The reasons they renounced their Singapore citizenship ranged from marriage to foreigners to yearning for a different environment, he said in his written reply to a question from from Non-Constituency MP Sylvia Lim, who wanted to know how many Singaporeans had emigrated in the last three years.

Most of them took up new citizenship in countries in Southeast-Asia, the United States of America and Australia.

Mr Wong said Singaporeans who emigrate generally do not declare this to the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) when they leave.

The only available data which gives an indication of the number of emigrants from Singapore is the number of Singaporeans who have given up their citizenship and left Singapore.

Article extracted on 22nd July 2008

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